Why should I choose a boarding school?

06/ 21/ 2017

Our complicated, globally-focused world demands more of its citizens. Parents and students wonder if sticking with today's norms will help students rise to their highest potential. If you think that education is important and want to bridge academic rigor with rich and robust experiences, you might want to consider a boarding school experience for high school. Here are a few thoughts on why a boarding school experience may enhance your learning journey and help you become your best self:

It’s good preparation for college. For some, college is the first time they experience living independently. Boarding school provides the opportunity to live away from parents and helps students manage day-to-day schedules, learn to balance school work and other commitments with friendships and entertainment. While at boarding school, students are responsible for their own schedules, there are advisors, teachers, coaches forming a safety net as they learn to take responsibility for their commitments.


Students can choose schools that have programs that fit their interests. Each boarding school has a distinctive academic and extra-curricular profile, and therefore there are countless choices for students seeking experiences that will fit with their interests. Whether you want a school where you can ski six days a week or where you can participate in annual drama productions or where you can take multiple advancement placement courses, boarding schools provide an array of opportunities in unique settings throughout the US and Canada.

It’s an opportunity to learn about community beyond one’s immediate family. Living in a dorm, most likely with a roommate, students at boarding schools learn the importance of actively participating in a community. Resolving disagreements, putting others before self, and doing one’s part for the greater good are all life skills learned while living in a dorm.

Relationships between students and faculty are nurtured and encouraged. Small classes, multiple points of contact, and living in the same community all contribute to the strong relationships that students have the opportunity to form with their teachers. Often the same teachers who read Shakespeare with students in the morning, coach their soccer team in the afternoon. Meetings outside of regular school hours is easy and at some schools, routine. Faculty and students often have proximity no further than across the Quad.

Students are part of a community that values learning. The emphasis placed on learning allows students to focus their attention and set aside other distractions.

Everything is in one place. Boarding schools provide everything you need in one community. There’s no need to drive one place for hockey and another place for violin lessons. Boarding schools will provide communities in which you can try new things and pursue passions.

Boarding schools attract students from all over the world. Your dormmates,classmates, and teammates will most likely come from around the corner and across the globe. Students ca learn about other cultures and traditions first hand as well as understand global issues from multiple perspectives.

If any of these reasons seem compelling, if you like the idea of living in a community with individuals who are your teachers, mentors, coaches, peers and best friends, boarding school might be the right choice for you. Boarding school is a fun, challenging and poignant way to spend your high school years becoming your best self. 

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