Considering Boarding School?  Need Help Navigating the Financial Aid Process?

10/ 31/ 2016
Are you thinking about applying to an independent high school and wondering how you might finance the experience? If you are applying to a Lakes Region high school (Holderness School, Brewster Academy, Kimball Union Academy, New Hampton School, Proctor Academy, Tilton School, and Vermont Academy) or another independent preparatory school, the following information on financial aid will be helpful.



Learn More About Holderness Financial Aid

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The financial aid process opened October 24. The following five steps provide an overview of the financial aid application process, courtesy of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS):

 STEP 1: Visit to learn more about the process and find tools that will help you determine your contribution toward school expenses. There’s only one form and only one fee for any number of siblings applying for financial aid to any number of schools.

STEP 2: Begin the application process at as soon as possible after October 24, by creating an online, password-protected account for the Parent Financial Statement (PFS). Once you’ve created the account you may return at any time to complete the Statement. There is a one-time, non-refundable fee or $48 to submit the PFS.

STEP 3: Each school has it’s own unique deadlines but most require that you submit the Parent Financial Statement (PFS) online at in January or early February. Holderness School’s deadline for financial aid is February 1.

  • Important: to designate Holderness School as a recipient for the financial determination please use School Code: 3946

STEP 4: The financial aid application requires signed copies of your 2016 tax returns including all schedules. Most families use last year's information to estimate until they are able to complete the new year's tax returns. Every school has a different deadline for this submission. For Holderness, all tax information must be submitted to by February 15.

STEP 5: Schools send out financial aid decisions sometime in March or April. You can expect Holderness School’s financial aid decisions on March 10.